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The ADAS/AD ECU is the “brain” that fuses data from cameras, radars and other sensors on different levels to build up a surrounding map, interpret the situation and take action.

Computing “brains” in vehicles need to not only be smart, but multi-lingual (flawlessly talk to different devices). Our ADAS ECU hosts our algorithms, or those from customers and third parties.

Veoneer's ADAS ECUs are the interface between the sensors and the actuators on a vehicle. ADAS ECUs also function as a "brain" that monitors the surroundings and fuses data from cameras, radars and sensors to interpret the situation and trigger ADAS features such as emergency braking or automatic lane changes. The ADAS ECU is an open scalable platform based on ISO 26262 hardware design and software architecture that hosts algorithms from Veoneer, customers, or third parties. Veoneer is working with NVIDIA on higher performance options.

ADAS ECUs enable the following features:

  • 1 or 2 MCU solution + companion

  • ASIL C, with ASIL D integration capability

  • Security architecture • Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • Raw data processing capabilities

  • Fail operational support (system of systems)

  • Dynamic scheduling support (heterogeneous)

  • Tool/platform-based SW diversity support

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